In A Galaxy Far Far Away – The Force Awakens

This is the part where Leia comes stomping down the hallway, yelling, “I just cleaned up this galaxy! Look what you idiots did to it!”

It’s cool that Star Wars is continuing, but the very fact that this new trilogy exists kind of steps on the amazing celebration at the end of RotJ. So, it’s nice to know that the New Republic is doomed, the Empire is destined to be reborn, and Luke’s new Jedi Academy was a failure. Sigh.

But it’s OK! Because everything will fall back into balance eventually…hopefully. So let’s do this!

Episode Number: 7 — Released: 2015 — Production Number: 7

A New New Hope

Anakin Skywalker’s story is complete, but now we’ve got his legacy, and people are messing stuff up. But we’ve got newbies! And they’re pretty great!

Rey is awesome. I love her so much, but I have this horrible feeling that, as she grows throughout the series, she’s going to lose her giddy enthusiasm. I’m cool with her getting more confident and powerful, but I don’t want her to become dour and serious. We’ll see how things go.

Also, I get the feeling that the whole “mystery of Rey’s parentage” is actually a red herring. I’m pretty sure her parents were just nobody’s, and she’ll end up being adopted into the Skywalker/Solo clan and will play a part (probably) in rehabbing Kylo Ren.

I just finished reading the book Bloodline (which IS part of the new canon) and it was AMAZING, especially for fans of Leia (which, I’m sure we ALL are), but Luke and Ben were off doing their own thing the whole time and didn’t show up (I suspect they’ll get their own book once The Last Jedi comes out), and there was LOTS of reminiscing about the past, and nowhere did she mention a girl left on Jakku. She did mention Hux who had a place to play in the battle of Jakku, but no mention of Rey. So, she’s probably not a Solo. She may still be a Skywalker, but that seems unlikely. Unless, they’re going to have Luke give her an “I am your father” moment.

We’ll see.

And Finn! He’s literally a Star Wars nerd made manifest in the Star Wars universe. He’s got a lot of potential angst that could really mess him up, but he still knows how to smile and be goofy and nerd out over cool stuff. Again, an orphan, though I don’t think his parentage is as important to the story since his big thing is he’s a faceless stormtrooper who rediscovers his individuality. Perhaps he has a bit of Force sensitivity which allowed him to fight through his mental conditioning, which allowed him to defect.

I heart Finn and can’t wait for the poor guy to recover in the next movie. He got pretty messed up in the last film…

Shout out to Poe, also for being hunky and amazing, which is hard to do when one is named after a Teletubby. The eyes balance things out. And the fact that the filmmakers changed their mind about killing him off and transforming him from Plot Device to Actual Character. So we’ll see him again!

The Old Guard

It was cool to see Han again, but like, we’ve seen Harrison Ford in lots of stuff. But seeing Luke and Leia again was the real highlight of this one. I’m sad Leia doesn’t show up until a fair ways into the movie, but OMG she’s so wonderful. I feel like all the fans are going to just cry a whole bunch during The Last Jedi just because it will be Carrie Fisher’s last movie.

Here’s a picture of her because she’s so amazing.

Luke is still a complete mystery. Obviously, he tried to rebuild the Jedi Academy and that didn’t go well… Poor Luke…

And Han… It’s awesome we got to see Han Solo in action one last time. *sobs* And we got to see him fix things with Leia. Still in the dark over exactly what happened between them. But Han and Chewie are still an amazing pair. And I really really want more material about Itty Bitty Ben and how Chewie was like his living jungle gym.

No book or comic has dealt with Ben’s downfall yet, so we’ll have to see what’s up with that. Star Wars isn’t one for flashbacks, but there is a precedent for explanations from a Ghostly Obi-Wan. We can only hope Rey or Finn gets a visit from Obi-Wan or Yoda or even Anakin himself and some of the gaps about the ultimate fall of the Republic and stuff. In Bloodline, we see the New Republic give in to corruption and Leia does something about that (because she’s awesome) but the specifics behind how the changeover from Republic to First Order are still fuzzy.

But I remember that we used to freak out over who Sifo Dyas was and how he would fit into the RotS…and he’s literally never mentioned again because he wasn’t that important ultimately. So, I guess I’ll be patient. *vibrates in seat with giddy excitement*

Return of the . . . Well Not the Sith, but, like . . . the Dark Side

I’m just gonna say it: I like Kylo Ren. He was obviously shoved into this position of authority by Snoke who hopes to use his Force powers to suit his own needs. Ben would have obviously loved that even though he’s not old enough or strong enough to really pull it off. He’s crazy powerful in the Force, but he has no discipline. And that’s what makes him so dangerous. He’s a human bomb waiting to go off.

I’m super excited to see how his story plays out. Will he be redeemed like Anakin? Or will they pull a Legacy and have him die at someone’s hands (probably Rey)? I’m super excited. I REALLY hope he’s redeemed and then becomes an ally in the fight against the First Order.

But we’ll see.


The biggest thing about this movie as it sits right now is that there’s not much to say because there’s so much of the story missing. Once we get more info, it will fit in the timeline a bit better. Right now, it’s like that map to Luke’s hiding place: incomplete.

We need to hear from Luke what happened to his Jedi Academy. We need to hear from Leia how the First Order arose. And we need to hear from Maz Kanata that important story that she said she’d tell but didn’t.

We need answers!

Hopefully The Last Jedi provides said answers…

Our Next “In a Galaxy Far Far Away” will take place in December! See you then!

Next week we’ll have some fun new stuff!



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