Itty-Bitty Review: Warcraft

It’s my 100th post! Whoo!


Warcraft (2016)

Now, I must confess upfront that I’ve never played any of the Warcraft games (I know, blasphemy!). But that might have actually been a good thing since I knew nothing about the mythology or characters going into the film and wasn’t distracted by teeny tiny details that the film got right or wrong, which was nice.

The story: The Horde, a vast army of Orcs whose own world is almost completely dead, comes through a portal created via dark magic to conquer a new world: Azeroth. The humans object (obviously), and things get crazy. But things may not be what they appear at first.

Aside from a slower second act in which the characters’ personalities are (more or less) fleshed out insofar as time and audience patience allows, I quite enjoyed the film. The aesthetic and mythology of the world of Azeroth, having already been established in the game, feels suitably believable and expansive here. Fans of the games won’t be surprised by any of the big shocking moments because they’re taken from the games, but I may have actually squeaked in dismay at two points because I didn’t seem them coming at all.

Also mad props for gender equality! The ladyfolks kicked tons of ass and the men were allowed to experience emotions!

My only issue is that the film anticipates a sequel with such confidence that we don’t get much in the way of closure at the end. BUT, it left me really wanting to see how the story continues. I’ve read that most critics hated this movie, but I think you should make up your own mind. Critics see “fantasy video game adaptation” and go in prepared to hate it for being derivative without allowing themselves to actually have fun. Enjoy it for what it is: entertainment.


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